The CrowdIF Story

Path-breaking pronounced as \ 'path-,brā-kiŋ \
adj. (i)
1. making or pointing a new way
2. a new way of doing things
(Dictionary Definition of the word 'Path-breaking')

Google, Apple, Twitter, Uber, Amazon... These are some of the biggest and the brightest innovative companies of our times.

Did you ever think what is common between all of these? What's that one thing that binds all these companies together?

Here's the answer: All these companies took an existing problem and instead of solving it in the conventional way, like everyone else was trying to solve it, these companies took a completely new approach and found a completely new solution to existing problems.

These amazing companies and the visionary people behind these companies refused to tread the existing road. They refused to follow the existing way. Instead, they created their own path. They did something which can truly be called: Pathbreaking.

What is CrowdIF?

Every once in a while, an extraordinary idea is born. Something that's completely new, something that's truly unique. For such ideas to flourish, what's required is a fresh perspective; a new way of looking at things. That's what all the companies mentioned above did too. In business terms, this is what is called disruptive innovation. CrowdIF is a fine example of this very disruptive innovation.

We took up a simple question, but one with a very explosive potential : How to maximize trading profitability in cryptocurrency markets.

Given how high-value this question is, a lot of smart people and companies across the world are trying to solve this challenge. The key difference, however is that instead of looking at the existing approaches, we decided to answer this question in a completely new way.

Instead of asking 'HOW to trade better?' like everyone else, we decided to perform some Root Cause Analysis by asking 'WHAT decided the crypto price movements'.

This question took us on an amazing journey full of new ideas and insights, the result of which is CrowdIF.

Differences between Stock Market Trading and Crypto Trading

One big mistake a lot of traders and trading companies make is using the same strategy as they use in stock markets and applying exactly the same strategy to cryptocurrency trading. Using the same old tricks over and over again to solve new problems doesn't work well.

Cryptocurrency markets are fundamentally different from the stock markets for various reasons.

  • Stake ownership in Stock Markets vs. Token Ownership in Crypto Markets
  • Much higher volatility of Crypto markets = Higher Profit Potential but requires faster trades
  • Diffrences in terms of asset supply and trade fluidity

Due to these inherent differences, the trading strategy that works well for stock markets doesn't work for cryptocurrency markets. In fact, a lot of times, trying to use the same strategy backfires badly.

This is where there was a need for a fresh perspective.

The Science Behind CrowdIF

Upon careful observation of the cryptocurrency markets and price movements, it becomes amply clear that unlike stock market, investor sentiment plays a very big role in deciding the direction of the price movement for any cryptocurrency.

A company's stock value is directly linked to the company's overall valuation, which in turn is a function of company fundamentals and the company's performance & products. For cryptocurrencies however, it's important to understand that the price of a particular coin is not directly linked to the valuation of the company behind it.

Whereas stock markets rely more on company's performance, the crypto market is driven primarily by public sentiment.

Therefore, we decided to tap into the very foundation of cryptocurrency price movement - Market Sentiment.

At CrowdIF, we collect huge amounts of cryptocurrency related data from all possible sources all across the internet.

As the next step, we implement some highly sophisticated techniques and software algorithms to perform Big Data Analytics on the collected data to discover insights pertaining to the price movement of various cryptocurrencies.

On the basis of these distilled insights, we perform trades on a variety cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe to derive the highest possible profits.