About The Project

Every once in a while, an extraordinary idea is born. Something that's completely new, something that's truly unique.

For such ideas to flourish, what's required is a fresh perspective; a new way of looking at things. In business terms, this is what is called disruptive innovation. CrowdIF is a fine example of this very disruptive innovation.

We took up a simple question, but one with a very explosive potential : How to maximize trading profitability in cryptocurrency markets.

Given how high-value this question is, a lot of smart people and companies across the world are trying to solve this challenge. The key difference, however is that instead of looking at the existing approaches, we decided to answer this question in a completely new way.

Instead of asking 'HOW to trade better?' like everyone else, we decided to perform some Root Cause Analysis by asking 'WHAT decided the crypto price movements'. This question took us on an amazing journey full of new ideas and insights, the result of which is CrowdIF.

How CrowdIF Works

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  • 01. High Quality Data Aggregation

    The system aggreates huge amounts of realtime data from all across the internet using advanced crawling and scraping algorithms.

  • 02. Realtime Sentiment Analysis

    We use some sophisticated cutting-edge techniques like Natural Language Processing with advanced mathematical modeling to perform realtime sentiment analysis on what's HOT and what's NOT. This analysis gives us our proprietary Sentiment Score™ which is our secret rocket fuel.

  • 03. Accurate Price Predictions

    The sentiment analysis results are combined with all other market signals to make price movement predictions with unprecedented accuracy.

  • 04. Insight based Trading

    Our smart trading algorithms use the insights generated above to trade 24x7 across multiple cryptocurrency markets around the globe.

  • 05. Portfolio Management

    Besides trading on comany's own capital, we offer Portfolio Management services to investors. This service comes with a key difference: It uses the power of our proprietary Sentiment Score™ technology to TurboCharge your portfolio growth.

  • 06. Profit Sharing

    Smart investors make their money work for them by spotting the right opportuities at the right time. CrowdIF is one such rare opportunity. We share a part of the profits generated by cryptocurrency trading with all our investors.

How YOU Profit?

What Makes CrowdIF Special

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Powerful Innovative





Development of CrowdIF Platform
(Road Map)

  • 2016

    Inception of the idea

    November 2016

    Market Research

    December 2016

  • 2017

    Web crawling and scraping
    engine development begins

    January 2017

    NLP algorithm
    development begins

    April 2017

    NLP algorithm integrated
    in Sentiment Analysis Engine

    July 2017

    Team Expansion

    October 2017

    Hadoop Clusters set up

    November 2017

    Trial runs begin

    December 2017

  • 2018

    Alogorithm tweaks based upon trial runs

    January 2018

    Prelaunch process begins

    February 2018

    Website Launch

    April 2018

    ICO Pre-Sale begins

    June 2018

    Sentiment Score™ Platform v1.0 launch

    July 2018

    CIF Token listing on
    major exchanges

    August 2018

    CIF Token listing on

    August 2018

    Marketing Round 2 begins

    September 2018

    Sentiment Score™ v2.0 launch

    October 2018

    Team Expansion (API Development)

    November 2018

    CIF API Launch

    December 2018

    Public Release of our
    proprietary Sentiment

    February 2019

    CIF OS launch - For
    dedicated integrated
    trading hardware devices

    June 2019

Token Sale Rounds
(Concluded successfully on July 5, 2018)

ICO Rounds :

Round Token Price Tokens available for sale
ICO Round 1 0.80$ - 1.25$ 1,600,000
ICO Round 2 1.26$ - 1.50$ 5,000,000
ICO Round 3 1.51$-2.00$ 10,000,000

Distribution of Tokens


For sale during ICO period


Reserved for company.


Bounty Programs.




Planned slow emission over the next 10 years

The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:

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User Reviews

Contributed by our user "Martin" from Russia

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